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Dizzy Gillespie: Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac LP

Dizzy Gillespie

Impulse!, 1967

This perennially popular 1967 live album from bebop trumpet pioneer Dizzy Gillespie is an effervescent, electrifying quintet recording also featuring his great friend and fellow bebop legend James Moody on saxophones and flute. Highlights include the driving soul-jazz groove of the title track, a gleaming version of Jorge Ben’s Latin jazz classic “Mas que Nada,” and Gillespie’s 15-minute, African-inspired stormer, “Kush.”


Side A:

  1. Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac (07:28)
  2. Mas Que Nada (Pow, Pow, Pow) (06:14)
  3. Bye (01:26)

Side B:

  1. Something In Your Smile (02:45)
  2. Kush (16:01)
  • Recorded - May 25 and 26, 1967 at Memory Lane, LA
  • Producer - Bob Thiele