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John Coltrane: Live At The Village Vanguard Again! LP

John Coltrane

Impulse!, 1966

With this album, Coltrane announced the completion of his fearless journey into the avant-garde. The two tracks it contains - “Naima” and “My Favorite Things” - had been in his repertoire for years but, here, emerge utterly transformed, showing just how far he’d travelled. Rashied Ali’s omni-directional drums and Alice Coltrane’s oceanic piano provide a wide-open palette over which Coltrane blows intense, frenzied yet always lyrical extrapolations while Pharoah Sanders on tenor adds guttural honks and brays that send the energy skyward. The only official release by this line-up during Coltrane’s lifetime, it remains a challenging yet beautiful monument to expressive freedom.


Side A

  1. Naima
  2. Introduction To My Favourite Things

Side B

  1. My Favourite Things
  • Recorded - May 28, 1966 at The Village Vanguard, New York City
  • Engineer - Rudy Van Gelder
  • Producer - Bob Thiele