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Pharoah Sanders: Black Unity LP (Verve By Request Series)

Pharoah Sanders

Impulse!, 1972

For 1971’s Black Unity, Pharoah Sanders built on the foundations of spiritual free-jazz he’d explored on his previous albums for Impulse!, this time adding a healthy dose of heavy groove courtesy of twin bass players, Cecil McBee and a young Stanley Clarke. Over the course of a single 37-minute track (split over two sides of vinyl), he investigates the power of rhythm, building polyrhythmic vamps touching on African and Latin traditions. While the irrepressible central groove never lets up, horns come in and out, soloing wildly or building to huge peaks of group intensity. It’s quite a trip!


Side A
1. Black Unity - Part I

Side B
1.Black Unity - Part II


  • Recorded - November 24, 1971
  • Producer - Lee Young

Verve By Request Series features 180-gram vinyl, pressed at Third Man in Detroit